Weaving - embroidery - footwear

The love and passion for the art of weaving by Claudio Grisolini, inherited from his father Gabriele, have made Tessilnova grow in the heart of Stia, where the famous Panno Casentino originated.

A part of the Tessilnova company's laboratories is located in the old wool mill of the village, which has now become the museum of wool art, where Mr. Gabriele began his career as a weaver. 

The first writings related to the working of this resistant cloth date back to the middle ages. It was worn by those who, forced to live outdoors, had to protect themselves from the harsh climate and the weather. In the nineteenth century the Casentino cloth became a fabric appreciated by nobles and illustrious personalities such as Giuseppe Verdi and Giacomo Puccini.

In the traditional orange and green colors, the Casentino cloth is the result of an elaborate and careful workmanship, as many as 13 are the finishing phases. It allows a perfect thermal insulation and an efficient impermeability, while maintaining the perspiration of the skin at the same time. 

The processing of this pure wool fabric, is still done in a totally artisan way.

The techniques and the ancient knowledge have joined the most recent technologies to give life to a symbol of the Casentino Valley, appreciated and known all over the world.