wood processing - carving

Riciclandia (Recycleland) is a sector of Multi Tranciati characterised by its production of objects made with cheap materials, but with a high quality of planning, preliminary study and manufacturing.One of these, the most important and from which moreover, all the others derive, is the one based on Leonardo da Vinci’s studies.

During his lifetime he designed a wide variety of things: different types of war machines, helicopters, spaceships, multiple firing cannons, airplanes, machine guns, wetsuits, parachutes, robots, movable bridges, tanks, spiral staircases.


The project proposes to render the “brilliance” of these ideas, which still keep their timeless modernity five centuries later, accessible to everyone in a simple, not too expensive way, and with a keen eye on ecology. The miniatures inspired by Leonardo’s drawings are in fact  made by processing waste from furniture production.