Goldsmithery and jewelry - Sacred Art and Trophies

The artistic history of Alano Maffucci begins in 1959 when he obtained a diploma at the Arezzo goldsmith school. Previously, in 1958, he had already represented Italy at the European Meeting of Professional Schools in Brussels, creating his own bracelet at the local art school. His professional path, in the following 20 years, expands his skills and competence, thanks also to his employment in a primary goldsmith company as a designer and model maker. From the great passion of Alano for the goldsmith's art, a prestigious goldsmith company was born in Arezzo in 1977, creative and productive heart of exquisite handcrafted jewellery.

Strongly rooted in his homeland and inspired by the great Etruscan goldsmith tradition, Alano has been able to bring out and make his creations appreciated in all major international events, from Europe to America, Asia and in particular to Arab countries.

Cavaliere dell’Ordine “Al Merito della Repubblica Italiana”   (2017)
Menzione d’Onore della Camera di Commercio di Arezzo      (2015)
Maestro d’ Opera e d’ Esperienza ANAP    (2014)
Maestro Artigiano Toscano in Lavorazione Metalli Preziosi e Arte Sacra    (2013)